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Announcing EPIC HAVINGness!

How to HAVE all the good stuff you want in life! 

Your HAVINGness levels unconsciously limit how much you think you deserve when it comes to love, money, fun, friends, creativity, sex, adventure, opportunities, travel and anything else YOU need to create a kick-ass life!

EPIC HAVINGness is a powerful program that expands your capacity for deserving so you can have MORE OF the good stuff.

It's so painful to be stuck with a low level, especially if it's your wealth or relationship set-point. It feels like no matter what you do, things will never get better. 

And if you try to exceed your level, even if it's something you really, really want, it's like an air conditioner that comes on when a room gets too hot. Your unconscious mind cools you off so you go back to the crappy same-old, same-old level.

And that "backlash" hurts, because you really thought you were gonna make progress this time.

Being stuck totally sucks! 

But the good news is, you can raise your HAVINGness levels, so you can have more happiness and abundance in your life. YAY!

Ever feel like just when things are getting good, this happens...

  • You happen to get an extra $1,000 and then, dang it, your car needs a $1,000 repair (It's so not a coincidence!)
  • "That" person called, you know, the one who could send you lots of business or change your destiny, but you just can't make yourself call them back
  • You suddenly have more clients than ever before, so you quit your "day job" and BAM, the clients dry up
  • You want to have more FUN, but it seems like you have to work so hard to EARN it, and sometimes you wonder, what do I even like to do for fun?
  • You're getting along great with your partner (or your kids) and all of a sudden you pick a stupid fight, which feels totally justified at the time, but ruins everything 
  • You finally lost the weight you wanted to lose, and next thing you know, you've gained it all back
  • You can't manifest that thing you've been trying to manifest forever OR you finally get it and you're still not happy - WTF?!?!

What if it could be so much better?  


I'm living proof.


It's embarrassing but ... 

Before I understood how havingness levels worked, there were so many times I felt like a loser.

I would think, "What is wrong with me?" 

Like the time my mentor wanted to recommend me for the "Olympics" of my industry - The Tapping World Summit.

I was so excited! Fame and fortune!

All I had to do was create a website so I looked "official". 

But then I went into a backlash - it was all too much! And, I tormented myself EVERY DAY for 3 months trying to work on my website. And did I do it?


The fear and a crappy HAVINGness Level held me back. 

I'm so happy I raised that level!

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Or how about that time with Glen...

 He was working in Houston and commuting home to Dallas on the weekends. The time apart made it feel like we were dating again.

He came to a 4-day transformational event where I was speaking, and saw me get a standing ovation. He really seemed to GET what I do as a coach. I felt SEEN and APPRECIATED on a whole new level.

We were totally in love! Even more than usual. 

I can still remember EXACTLY where we were when I picked a fight. The biggest one in our 25 years together. WTF?!?

It was like I couldn't sustain that intense level of connection and intimacy.

I thank my lucky stars, I expanded my Love HAVINGness Levels! We feel like newlyweds!

I raised my Wealth HAVINGness levels too...

I had to dig into all those money beliefs that I picked up in childhood. The ones that were holding me back and keeping me stuck.

And guess what happened!?! I DID IT!!!

I got to THAT NUMBER!!!

Ya know, the one with a dollar sign and 6 digits?

The one I wrote down for every financial goal setting exercise since I was a kid.

As soon as I raised my Wealth HAVINGness level, getting to that number was way easier than I expected, and it keeps getting better and better. Now I'm raising my level to that 7 digit number! Whoo Hoo!

PS - I also got to THAT NUMBER with my weight. The number that seemed impossible. I lost 30lbs and kept it off for over a year. TOTALLY LIFE CHANGING!

Yes - Thank You - More Please!

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If I can do it - you can too!

I figured it out, and I'm going to show you exactly how I did it. 

EPIC HAVINGness is a Powerful LIVE 3-month group program and it starts on February 11th.

We'll use effective emotional releasing tools likeTapping (EFT) to clear the fear, doubts and limiting beliefs. Because here's the thing, we don't manifest what we want - we get what we BELIEVE.

So first we'll work on uncovering and changing our unconscious beliefs. Then, we'll consciously work on expanding our HAVINGness levels.

You’ll be totally supported as I lead you through the program step-by-step, week-by-week.

This is a proven system, with concrete results and a money back guarantee, if you are willing to give it your BEST! I’m not going to sugarcoat it. You're gonna have to do the work, and that's not always easy.

That’s why you'll have live coaching calls with me, a safe and supportive online community, and the tools you need to succeed. And of course, I’ll have your back every step of the way!

It's so worth it!

Imagine what's possible for YOU!


I wanna get on the waitlist for Epic Havingness

Here's what's included in EPIC HAVINGness:

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5 Live Transformational Calls 

To remove the blocks holding you back while expanding your HAVINGness Levels so you can embody higher levels of energy, abundance and deserving.

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A Magical Bonus Call

I share all the secrets of my EPIC LIFE FORMULA on this call, so you can consciously manifest more MAGIC in your life every day.  And that makes EVERYTHING easier and funner!                                                         

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A Live Celebration Call

Where you’ll have a chance to share, celebrate and be supported as you realize how much you've expanded you HAVINGness Levels. 
That’s seven group calls total.

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Safe & Supportive FB group

Where we’ll do fun mini-challenges to practice what we’re learning. It's also the place to inspire and encourage each other in a safe and supportive environment. And, I'm super active in the group so you'll have lots of access to me.

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12 Weeks of Tools for Your Toolbox 

You’ll get even more audios and videos to support you. These include tapping, visualizations, handouts, processes, meditations, and encouragement to cheer you on to success. AND as always, it's lots of FUN!

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Super Cool Platform

I'm so in love with my new platform. It's called Kajabi and when you sign-up, you'll get access. It's so cool. Everything from the 7 call recordings to the rest of the tools I mentioned will be in one place. Check out the video below to get a glimpse of it's greatness!

I still can’t believe that last year I made 4x what I ever made before, and with way less stress! It's crazy! 

My marriage is strong, my faith is deeper, my kid is amazing and even though I’m busier than ever in my 20-year career, things seem easier.

I am grateful for you Fiona!  I am grateful for all that you learn and then grab the best parts, Fiona-ize it and make it easy to digest. I love the way you share with such joy and make me want the magic, make me believe it is possible for me too!  Not only is it possible, it's happening! Thank you, thank you, thank you!     

I can't wait til the next time I get to say, “Fiona, you are not going to believe what happened!" - Bridget McGee

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It's gonna be AMAZING!!! Click below to get on the list, and as a thank you, I'll send you my step-by-step video to create a ridiculously easy digital vision board that really (really) works!

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I loved Epic Havingness!  I loved the exercises, the tapping, stories, and insights.  I love Fiona’s positivity, energy, engagement, and willingness to be real.

I still find myself recognizing and making shifts that allow more fun and joy, and I have averaged a $1000-$2000 increase in my monthly income since I did the program. 

Exploring what gets in the way of my own happiness inspired me to take concrete and life-changing action steps! I've easily stuck to new habits, decluttered, upgraded things around my home, funded a family trip, and invested much more than I have in the past. 

I highly recommend Fiona’s programs! - Christina Russell

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Thank you SO much, Fiona! I am still breathless. It was so profound what you made me unearth yesterday. You brought into clear daylight, my sneaky, hidden, secretly and silently operating pattern. Even after so many years of “working on myself”, I had not been able to uncover this operating system. And to my surprise, it is operating frequently in my life. It is my automatic pilot which kicks in even from the tiniest triggers keeping me separated from others. But in our yesterday’s call, I reclaimed my power back. I can and I have the power to decide. Thank you so much for giving me that clarity. It is priceless. You are truly AMAZING “old soul” Fiona. And I am so happy and honored to walk this journey together with you.

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Hi Fiona, Thanks for the great session last week! The impact on me was massive – you navigated the session so well and I had so many breakthrough moments. Firstly in realizing that the feelings I was experiencing weren’t new; it was a pattern in my life that I was repeating and I saw how the ‘random cracks’ in my life are actually connected. I was then able to see (finally!) that I do have gifts underneath the wounds of deep darkness and sadness…I am going to help loads of people because I’m fascinated by sadness and I know it intimately! I believe, for the first time, that I offer authentic value as a coach because I’m an expert in what I’m helping people with. I’m now really curious and excited about my path ahead and I look forward to our next session together. So much gratitude to you Fiona; you’re an angel who came to me at the perfect time.

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Working with Fiona has been life-altering. Her intuition and ability to hone in on exactly what the real issue is, like a heat-seeking missile, is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. She creates such a safe and sacred space that I have felt safe to share details with her that I’ve told no one else (except my boyfriend). And then, she is able to connect ALL  the dots— a mind-blowing connection of the dots. I’ve only worked with her a handful of times and yet my transformation has been HUGE! I went from never making videos to holding my first-ever webinar, all within 2 months of working together. Her ability to help me release all this old crap and befriend and strategize with my “inner critics” is revolutionary. Whatever Fiona is doing next, SIGN ME UP!”

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LOVE testimonials? Here's some more!

My 1-1 sessions with Fiona have been the best private sessions I've ever done with anyone. Fiona was able to help me get to the source of my deepest emotional pain and I've been able to move past toxic trauma at lightning speed.

It was the most amazing experience of my life. It’s worth gold! Fiona is the best.

Mind-BLOWING!!! I've never done anything like it. Fiona is willing to go anywhere with me. She can follow my circuitous path, gently and lovingly call me on what needs to be called out and just be real. She's willing to experiment with her intuition and I trust her. There's no judgment only love and her deep desire for healing and transformation. I so love the places we go and the quick and massive healing that's occurred. I've tried a lot of modalities and healers and Fiona has helped me surpass life-long struggles around deserving, worthiness and embracing and working with my anger. I am willing to go wherever Fiona goes! She is a true friend, guide and leader- authentic, human and powerful!

Totally loving my pattern with Fiona: 1on1 call with Fiona > energy shift > connect with ideal clients > book calls > close sales! YES! THANK YOU! MORE PLEASE! The funny thing is, I hesitated to book my first call with Fiona because I felt too broken and I wanted to feel ‘marketing read’ before working with her… who was I kidding?!

The 1-1 work with Fiona is so powerful, Fiona is insightful and especially intuitive and brilliant, she has the ability to create an especially safe space for owning my own stuff and setting powerful intentions and daring to believe in them.   

Fiona is an inspirational and magical coach that helps you deal with your *%#@ and somehow find a way to laugh about it all. She always manages to find a different angle to the work you feel like you've been doing forever and it always nets you more aha's and realizations that life is wonderful--it's all in how you look at it. Self-love and compassion are first and foremost! 

I love working one-on-one with Fiona! Because of the group work also, it can be so multifaceted and laser focused. Fiona is observant and high caliber. OMG, I was in such a bad way and we had a session and her one observation has put me in a whole new place. I love how she is grounding and gentle but massive intuitive and insightful.

Fiona's 1-on-1 sessions are amazing--much better than any other work I've done. She is very tuned in and highly intuitive, and helps me to feel safe and secure in this sacred space we are creating together, where incredible insights can be had, and remarkable work can be done.

AMAZING! She is insightful, balanced in enthusiasm and reverence for the work she takes very seriously. She is comforting, safe, and supports you through the scariest of thoughts. :)

Fiona ROCKS! The 1-on-1 sessions were very targeted and mindful, getting to the heart of the matter and the nugget of truth. We went deep but with love and compassion. Other work I’ve done has sometimes felt “incomplete,” like we’ve skirted the issue a bit. But Fiona went deep in with me while staying positive and being my cheerleader! 

Life ALTERING! Fiona is intuitive and laser focused! She drilled down on what was blocking me and helped me see it and clear it.

The private work is a deeper, more personalized, journey with Fiona as the guide. All of her focus is on you and her intuition kicks into overdrive. Her approach differs from others because she is always learning, working on her own personal development and coaching skills. She is always eager to share the latest tools and techniques to help you grow. And, her enthusiasm is so contagious you can't help but feel injected with joy when you're done.

I would say and do say, Fiona is the BEST COACH ON THE PLANET! You're magical. You create magic and fun and bring about transformation. You're brilliant. You're a master of magical manifestation and a master of working with the Shadow and the Light, helping people create an EPIC life.

I'd LOVE to work with YOU! Let's create magic together!

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